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Passenger all season tyres
sizes of tyre: 175/65 R14
speed symbol: T (190 km/h)
load index: 82 (475 kg)
DOT*: 4019-4120
TOMKET ALLYEAR 3 is the newest all season tyre model. Unique tread design together with innovative rubber mixture provide balanced driving conditions during both summer and mild winter. Asymmetrical tread with three circumferential grooves for fast drainage of water or snow slush off the tyre contact surface. Multi-lamellae surface ensures perfect aquaplaning resistance, low rolling noise and high mileage. TOMKET ALLYEAR 3 is designed for drivers who prefer one set of tyres throughout the whole year with exceptional price/quality ratio.
on stock >20 pcs tyre
to be delivered within 1 week
35,9 £ VAT included